04 October 2012

1.8.9 Released

1.8.9 was released, but SourceForge seems to be instable right now...

So please be patient if you get HTTP 500 and try again some minutes later.


sojusnik said...


Is there a reason, that the newest version of Liferea (1.8.10) is not available in the launchpad ppa?

See: https://launchpad.net/~liferea/+archive/ppa

Thanks for that great Feedreader anyway!

Lars Windolf said...

sojusnik: I cannot say. As upstream developer I do not influence downstream distribution decisions. Please ask directly the Ubuntu / Debian maintainers!

Parvenu said...

Hi. I don't know where exactly to write this (and in which language), so I'll just leave it here and in English:
I really love Lifearea. There is only one reason why I chose Akregator when I first looked for an feedreader on Linux. I had been used to Netnewswire on OS X, which is very nice. Anyway: the only reaso why I chose Akregator was that I want to be able to select a folder and see all the news in that folder. I have folders with a hundred feeds and I don't want to browse each single one of them. Maybe this could be an option for a future release?

Lars Windolf said...

@Parvenu: This feature already exists. Please check the program preferences where you can enable it.

Since 1.10 this feature will be enable by default.