21 April 2011

Full Screen Mode

One thing I'm wondering about: are Liferea users interested in a full screen mode? For example for viewing websites after opening them in a tab, or to simply have Liferea use all available screen space.  

Update: Full screen mode was implemented with 1.9.3

20 April 2011

Popup Menu Key Support

Did you know that there is a popup menu key, that allows you to open the context menu in list views?

Well the GTK default binding is - and on Windows Keyboards the context menu key (usually near to the right of your ey) . As GTK does not handle it as an alias for the 3rd mouse button event each application needs to implement this event for each list view separately :-(

Until now Liferea did not implement this keybinding. Keyboard users will be happy with the upcoming release 1.7.6 which introduces support for this feature based on a patch by Ricardo Cruz.

19 April 2011

Working TinyTinyRSS Support!

With the new unstable release 1.7.5 TinyTinyRSS (tt-rss) support is now usable. All relevant features are implemented. While the implementation might not yet be optimal (doing single item fetches/updates, no async handling for offline state...) it is still usable in normal situations.

Feel free to test and give feedback!