25 October 2010

Started tt-rss support implementation

I want to hear a "Yeah!" from all commenters asking for Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss) support in the Feature Poll and in other feedback channels!

But don't get too excited as the implementation has only started. Current git master has login, subscription list fetching and initial item fetching. There are a lot of callbacks missing. It's still long way to go...

Problems with Ubuntu 10.10 indicator applet

Several users did report problems with the indicator applet with the new Ubuntu 10.10. This seems to be a problem with the patch Ubuntu applies to Liferea to work with the Ubuntu specific indicator applet. Evolution seems to suffer a similar effect.

As I'm not an Ubuntu user (none of the current team is) we cannot support you in this case and strongly advise to contact downstream Ubuntu about this.

12 October 2010

Enhanced Browser Context Menu

One of the topics raised in the recent feature poll was the browser context menu. There were several requests for the following menu options
  • Copy URL
  • Save Link As...
  • Save Image As...
The current unstable code now has those three options (based on the click context). For saving links and images the download tool configured in the preferences is used. Before downloading you are presented with a dialog preset with the configured default download directory.

Don't forget that we changed to a Git repository in case you want to try the code!

09 October 2010

Liferea switched to git

Liferea now uses git instead of SVN, please do not use the old SVN repository anymore.

You can browse the git repository online here.

Instructions for compiling Liferea master (the unstable development code) from git:
  1. git clone git://liferea.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/liferea/liferea
  2. cd liferea
  3. ./autogen.sh
  4. make
  5. make install

05 October 2010

Bloglines support removed from trunk

Ask.com announced that Bloglines will be shut down on Novenber 1st.

The Bloglines code is now removed from Liferea trunk (that will become Liferea 1.8), and Bloglines subscriptions are automatically removed.

At least as long as Bloglines is available it will stay supported in the stable Liferea 1.6.

For users of Blogline with Liferea the best choice for similar functionality is to switch to Google Reader and use Liferea's Google Reader support.

Bloglines support is now also removed in the 1.6 branch, the change will be in 1.6.6.