22 April 2007

1.3.x Progress

The 1.3 development is coming along very well. With todays release 1.3.3 there is a pretty reliable implementation for the old problem of how to determine the number of unread items of each feed and folder in the feed list.

What is missing is the calculation of the unread count for search folders which is pretty problematic. Search folders are internally realized with sqlite views and every item modification can change the unread count of each search folder. So the only way to update the unread count of all search folders after a user interaction is to recount it for each search folder or to determine which of the search folders was affected and to increment/decrement the unread count appropriately.

The disadvantage of both solutions is that the unread count update processing time increases directly with the number of search folders. Choosing to recount on each update additionally decreases performance with a growing total number of items, while the delta processing depends on the matching rule complexity.

Anyone knows a good design pattern for realizing such a dynamic counting functionality?

13 April 2007

First 1.3.x series release

Today I created the first release in the new unstable series. It introduces a sqlite backend and simple comment feed support. This release is intended for development purposes only, so that one can compare 1.2.x and 1.3.x performance. I invite everyone interested in getting Liferea faster to have a look at the DB schema (src/db.c) and the current access patterns. Reviews!!!

If you want to try 1.3.x you can run it without influencing 1.2.x. It will create an own cache directory ~/.liferea_1.3 and migrate the 1.2.x cache automatically on the first startup (which might take some seconds).

This release is not intended for production. It is missing several features (searching, search folders...), that I hope to add in the next weeks again. For testing you should be able to use the basic feed reader features.

11 April 2007

Liferea & AWN

Do you use AWN (Avant Window Navigator)? Want to display the number of unread or new items in Liferea with AWN instead of using the system tray? Liferea user tsukasa has created an AWN plugin using the LUA scripting support to do exactly this!