24 January 2007

Comment Feed Support

Here is a preview of what I'm currently working at: comment feed support. While not many blogs do support comment feeds quite a number already does. And if the blog provides comment feeds per post the news aggregator can retrieve them and display them like seen in the screenshot below:


Tsukasa said...

Awesome! This is great progress.

Can't really tell from the screenshot if you're already doing it that way but to me it seems to be better to organize comments as childs in a tree. This is way more organized and also allows to mark a comment as read in a more generic/intuitive way (my PoV).

Lars said...

@tsukasa: The screenshot shows the display of the comments in the HTML pane combined with the headline content.

I'm aware of the advanced UI possibilites when using a tree view, but I decided for a much more simplified handling with comments without a read state at all and with no merging indication because of the effort I want to spend for the feature.

For the current implementation I guess I, with my level of programming experience, will have to invest ~30-40h of work which I consider already having to much social impact...

Kolunchik said...

This is a great feature!
p.s Thank you for Liferea