04 October 2006

Wide Screen View

One feature missing in Liferea until now: a wide screen mode, which presents feed list, item list and HTML view in three vertical panes instead of the classic email client interface. This feature which for example Akregator already had for some time will be released with v1.1.7 and should be very useful for 16:9 screens or users running Liferea in full screen.

The new feature caused some other changes. First I had to remove the toggle button that until now allowed switching between normal view and the so called condensed view. And then after looking at the naming of the viewing modes in Akregator I decided that the old naming was a bad one, which I attribute to my not so good English. Therefore I renamed the viewing mode names to the names used by Akregator: normal view, wide view and combined view. I think these are better labels.


Allan said...

Yay! How did you know I've just installed a new 1920x1200 monitor? Magic. :-) Usually I wait for my distribution to catch up, but I think you have just convinced me to go directly to the source.

Thanks. Again.

Lars Lindner said...

I just know it :)

But be warned that SVN trunk does have a problem with combined mode. When doing a mark-all-read it re-renders for each changed item which takes very long. I need to fix this.