25 October 2006

Bloglines Integration

For v1.1.8 I added experimental Bloglines feed list synchronization support in SVN trunk. Additional to the already existing OPML feed list source type you can now add a Bloglines source to your feed list:

Note that current implementation will only synchronize the feed list with Bloglines. It won't allow you to edit it (because Bloglines doesn't support a subscription management interface). It also won't synchronize the item states with Bloglines (although this could be implemented in the future). The feed handling is the normal Liferea feed handling with the caching and updating options as defined in the preferences.

State Handling

When using either OPML or Bloglines sources in the feed list please keep in mind that feeds that are dropped from the source feed list will be unconditionally dropped by Liferea. There is no warning they will just vanish along with any flagged items!!! So copying important items to a news bin might be a good idea when using those feed list sources.

Security Considerations

Again a warning about the security implications when adding Bloglines source. Liferea will ask for username and password of your Bloglines account and will store it in plain text in ~/.liferea_1.1/feedlist.opml (with file permissions 0600). Also the feed list access at Bloglines is unencrypted HTTP.

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