06 September 2006

Social Bookmarking with Liferea

Version 1.1.2 introduced social bookmarking support! Now you can configure Liferea to post links to one of 43 social bookmarking sites. The default setting is to use del.icio.us. To configure another site open the preferences select the "Headlines" tab and change the option under "Web Integration".

To post a bookmark new menu options were added to the item list and HTML view context menues. You can either bookmark an item by right clicking it in the item list and selecting "Bookmark Item" or you can bookmark any link in the HTML view by right clicking the link and selecting "Bookmark Link".

Depending on the social bookmarking site and its URL posting interface the item title will be passed as link description. But not all sites support this. When bookmarking links no title will be supplied.

Finally one might ask why the bookmarking sites are launched in the external browser only. There are two reasons:
  1. Some of the sites use HTTPS and Liferea doesn't set up the security manager for Gecko, so secure connections won't work with the internal browser.
  2. And launching in the external browser, assuming it is the browser used for normal web surfing, ensures correct auto-login to the bookmarking side.
Well this is how it is implemented. I hope it will be useful for a lot of users.


Lars Strojny said...

Did I mention that this really a wonderful feature? No? I should!

Kurt McKee said...

Fantastic! I am curious, though: is it possible to specify my own custom bookmarking software's URL structure? I'm referring to a simple


style of URL.

Lars Lindner said...

I would like to avoid having preferences to allow adding own bookmarking URLs. But it would be easy to expose a simple interface via the scripting support. So that you could add a startup script that adds one or more additional bookmarking URL of your choice.

Lars Lindner said...

@Kurt: In this post I explain how to manually add another site using the internal scripting support.